question of the weekend: what terrible movie do you love enthusiastically?

This weekend’s question once again comes from reader danielm80, who raised it in a comment to last weekend’s question:

What terrible movie do you love enthusiastically?

My choice has got to be Roland Emmerich’s 2009 disaster of a disaster flick, 2012. Allow me to quote myself:

It’s exhausting, this multiorgasmic destructo porn, but it is high-larious. I didn’t think the end of the world would be this funny. Billions are dead, civilization is over… call it Tectonic. But — and here’s where the funny comes in — preposterous coincidence will go on. Ridiculous dialogue will go on. Schmaltz will go on. Hyperbole will go on. And John Cusack will go on. Won’t he? *sniff*

Honestly, I never tire of how stupendously, entertainingly awful 2012 is. I mean: it features the majestic presence of Chiwetel Ejiofor as a White House science advisor compelled to say things like, “The director of the Louvre is not an enemy of humanity!” and “Our culture is our soul and that’s not dying tonight” with a straight face. It’s all so terrible and I love it.

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